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Posted by Hazuki on 2018/5/2 4:00:00 (1460 reads)

It has been over 1.5 years since callsign reigstration was required for flight tracking, and I do think it is about time to purge data which the owners don't care in order to save resources (Disk space, bandwidth and computing power etc.). In this regard, a data purging program is launched as follows:

1.  All data which the callsign has no registration record will be purged on or after 2018.09.01. Obviously only records created before 2016.11.15 will be affected.

2. Data owner who wish to retain their data, either they are required to download their data through API before 2018.09.01, or register their callsign before 2018.09.01.

3. If any player recognize former notable player(s) and wish to retain their flight data, please feel free to contact me via PM on FlightGear Forum.  Sufficient evidence (excluding total flight time in FGTracker) must be provided to prove that the player was famous.  Discretion on such data purging exclusion lies with me, the FGTracker owner.

Posted by Hazuki on 2016/12/15 6:50:09 (764 reads)

FGTracker web is moved from to and it's now under protection of CloudFlare.  Access time my not become faster (especially for clients from Asian countires) but definitely the security is enhanced by SSL protection (unless Cloudflare is being hacked...)

Posted by Hazuki on 2016/10/1 1:40:00 (2631 reads)

Depending on the registration progress Starting from 2016.11.15 0000UTC, FGTracker will later ONLY track flight sessions that are connected to the tracked MPSERVER with callsigns that are registered in FGTracker.

Callsign registration does not prevent your callsign being used or abused. Registration only aimed for reducing the growth rate of database size.

Register your callsign now! But please think twice before you register your callsign. Change of callsign will not be entertained.

Edit on 2016.10.11 0153UTC - Confirms the effective date and time.

Posted by Hazuki on 2016/5/3 6:11:10 (724 reads)

Change of ISP (From HKBN to SmarTone)

Posted by Hazuki on 2015/9/21 4:48:02 (794 reads)

In view of recent disputs happened on other Flightgear Tracker, I have created "Rules and Obligations when using FGTracker" which clarifies the obligations between you and me. Read here for details.