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Posted by Hazuki on 2012/1/9 7:20:00 (831 reads)

When the tracker site seems slow (should be always though XD), please access it a moment later (e.g. 10 min). I don't think you'll expect a 5 year old desktop will run fast with a 28GB Database right?


Do not refresh the page again, again and again! Doing so will only boost up the load of the server.


The main problem is slow I/O of Hard disk.I am seeking a idle SSD at my end but apperentely no luck. When it comes, the site will revive.

Posted by Hazuki on 2011/12/13 2:50:00 (907 reads)

Since 2011-12-13 04:53+08 the Tracker site ( cannot communicate with the Master DB (which is the first guy receiving the Data from MP network). We are investigating the issue but probably DDos is encountered.


EDIT 16:36+08: A connection flood is confirmed and the flood is now under control. We expect that the service resumes normal now.

Posted by Hazuki on 2011/10/11 5:40:00 (875 reads)
FlightGear : If it is broken...
Posted by ahven on 2011/6/20 20:44:25 (357 reads) News by the same author

replace it! The upgrade to a new version clearly failed and I thought of doing a clean installation. The main reason was that the Private Messaging wasn't working at all. All of the previous userdata is imported from the last page. Some minor tweaks are to be made but the main thing - tracker (and planner) - is working.





After some disastrous database command from ahven XD, the tracker site has to be move to here. Might be you don't love this site, but probably this site is the only one without data corrupted.


There isn't any PM function here. Should you want to contact site owner please shout at #[email protected]

Posted by Hazuki on 2010/3/15 1:40:00 (1304 reads)

Well, site is still under construction. Be patient