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Posted by Hazuki on 2012/8/4 13:28:49 (745 reads)

Currently, FGtracker has various bugs leading connection leak, pid exhaust and re-connection issue which from time to time breaking down the server. I have decided to pull the FGtracker down at any time I am free to modify the program.


You may ask why this is not to be done in a testing environemt, Well, the answer is: this is a volunteey work and I have no interest on setting up a testing environment, which is really time consuming XD



Posted by Hazuki on 2012/7/2 3:42:30 (662 reads)

Connect to!

Posted by Hazuki on 2012/6/28 12:21:39 (803 reads)

Finally the tracker resumes normal. The outage was caused by a bug in fgms and the fix was pushed to git on Jun 24. As of the time this post was made,  mpserver01, mpserver10, mpserver14 and mpserver15 are connecting to this tracker, and mpserver12 connect to another tracker maintained by evilslut.

Posted by Hazuki on 2012/6/9 12:23:48 (702 reads)

The Tracker DB cannot be reached for some resaon. I PMed ahven and asked him to check what's going on with his server. Please be patient until the problem is fixed.


EDIT: 2012-06-16 18:46+08 Looks like the upstream server is not recoverable. I am now contacting the owner of mpserverXX to re-direct the data traffic to a new server. This site will no longer update until the traffic has been re-directed by the owner of mpserverXX.


EDIT: 2012-06-21 21:51+08 Now the tracker only tracks fgfs connecting to this site ( Please change the setting accordingly if you want your flights be tracked. (see below)

Posted by Hazuki on 2012/4/29 12:00:00 (583 reads)

Today I have replaced the DB storage from HDD to SSD and the result was impressive. A page which needed 3 minute to generate now it only takes less than 30 sec. Some over 80% of time is saved.


BTW, in these few days the tracker trackes mpserver01's flights. In case you can't get you flight tracked, mpserver08 might still be your (only) friend.