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Posted by Hazuki on 2014/3/22 14:31:51 (592 reads)

Due to low usage and high operation cost on maintaining mpserver15, this site ( will cease act as mpserver with effect from 01.04.2014. Other service (i.e. FGTracker) will remain unchange.

Posted by Hazuki on 2013/12/6 13:50:08 (753 reads)

Power consumption of FGTracker server contributes a significant cost to me and now I proposing an additional downtime of FGTracker in flavour of my cost cutting plan.  The proposed downtime is from 01:45 UTC+8 to 07:00 UTC+8 daily (That is, 17:45-11:00 UTC). Please drop me emails to hatsuki_a-flightgear for comments.

Posted by Hazuki on 2013/6/30 16:37:35 (979 reads)

Some time between 28 Jun and 30 Jun 2013 FGTracker not tracking mpserver01. I am a bit suprise that quite number of people in the community visits this site (XD) and very kind reporting me their findings. Let me explain the problem:


Because of buggy fgms (fgms is a program running in,communication between fgms and FGTracker was failed and thus corruputed data has been feed in to FGTracker. Currently all servers which was running latest version had been roll back to latest stable version.



Posted by Hazuki on 2013/5/29 15:48:04 (687 reads)

Algorithmn on calculating Ground speed has been changed in order to exclude the abnormal record (e.g. flight reset). In old times, when one reset the flghts, the "movement" will be recorded in the tracker and the speed and distance of the flight will become huge if the reset position is far away from the location of the plane before reset. Now, although the movement still records, the ground speed algorithmn will try to exclude the moment when the flight resets. If ground speed is over 2000 m/s, the ground speed will be assummed to be zero. By this setting, max mach, max ground speed and distance will also exclude the moment of reset.


In addition, "Effective flight time" is also introduced. "Effective flight time" tries to exclude the player idle time (i.e. ground speed <5 knots). In later updates, the "Effective flight time" will be used in top XX pilots list to prevent one idle the plane for gaining the rank.

Posted by Hazuki on 2012/11/17 5:06:22 (1128 reads)

The FGTracker Web was first written in around 2006 and through out the years there are numerous enhancements and fixes which let FG fans having new experiences. Now, due to the obsulateness of google map API, I decided to launch a new round of FGTracker Web enhancement.


I am now inviting geeks who experienced in web and google map API programming to be the Web Develpoer of FGTracker Web to enhance the FGTracker Web. The prerequists are as follows


- PHP, MySQL, Google map API programming

- ImageMagick experience

-Preferably Xoops 2 experience

-Preferably Linux (Debian based) and Apache experience


If necessary, programmer may use other programming languages/programs as they wish (as long as it is available in Debian). However, programmer should discuss with me first before programming. And frankly, not preferred unless the situation is justify.


Any interested person please contact me (Hazuki Amamiya) at hatsuki_a-ie _At_ yahoo _dot_ com _Dot_ hk, fourum PM "hazuki" or IRC network nick "hazuki". Beware this is a volunteer job :p