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Support is needed to move FGTracker outside of Hong Kong

Posted by Hazuki on 2014/10/3 15:47:48 (1364 reads)

Since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, the Chinese government is taking more and more control over Hong Kong in a way that the Sino-British joint declaration is de facto being violated.  In a foreseeable future (may be quit near due to political instability of Hong Kong), communications in Hong Kong will be monitored and controlled.  This likely lead to service termination of FGTracker.  In this regard, I am seeking to move the FGTracker out of Hong Kong.  Since FGTracker is currently running on my interest and no money donation is received, your help is really appreciated.

What I need is an IaaS environment with the following features:


  1. Debian/Redhat based
  2. Unlimited traffic (static IP is preferred)
  3. SSH shell, SFTP, apache, postgresql, mysql, PHP with certain extensions
  4. Gcc with certain file headers for compiling FGTracker
  5. 2GB Ram
  6. 120GB+2GB space (120GB must be in SSD for running postgresql database + 2GB webpage hosting)

I know the above environment is costly but this is exactly the same environment (and the minimum requirement for) the FGTracking running.  If you have such environment available, please do not hesitate to contact me at hatsuki_a-ie AT  Thank you!

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