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Algorithmn changed on calculating Ground speed

Posted by Hazuki on 2013/5/29 15:48:04 (634 reads)

Algorithmn on calculating Ground speed has been changed in order to exclude the abnormal record (e.g. flight reset). In old times, when one reset the flghts, the "movement" will be recorded in the tracker and the speed and distance of the flight will become huge if the reset position is far away from the location of the plane before reset. Now, although the movement still records, the ground speed algorithmn will try to exclude the moment when the flight resets. If ground speed is over 2000 m/s, the ground speed will be assummed to be zero. By this setting, max mach, max ground speed and distance will also exclude the moment of reset.


In addition, "Effective flight time" is also introduced. "Effective flight time" tries to exclude the player idle time (i.e. ground speed <5 knots). In later updates, the "Effective flight time" will be used in top XX pilots list to prevent one idle the plane for gaining the rank.

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