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Welcome to FG Tracker & Planner

Posted by Hazuki on 2010/3/15 1:40:00 (1298 reads)

Well, site is still under construction. Be patient

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Published: 2011/10/25 17:28   Updated:2011/10/25 17:31
 Re: Welcome to FG Tracker & Planner
Hi, team FG and administrator

is good that someone cares aboutthis page If it is broken and correction of damaged

For what I wanted in his own behalf and on behalfriends you fly with me, thank you very much.

Downtime but mean that the database becomes inaccurate.

Gives an example:

1.) in case of failure in the active pilot entered false information on the length of the flight

user : okkkk
fly nr. 50
fly duration : 30 day 00:18:15

user : vincent
fly nr. 100
fly duration : 19 day 21:46:33

user: Darius
fly nr. 201
fly duracion : 9 day 19:50:59


2.) missing data on flights where the pilot begins to flyafter outage
simply no data

3.) users leaving the aircraft at the airport, fligh few thours, and parking for several days

user : XANG
fly nr. 1021
fly duration : 6 day 04:16:01

user : XANG
fly nr. 1082
fly duration : 1 day 00:43:04

I do not want to sound like some of the Puritan or not a Cop, but it's way if someone misused as in Section 3, to all trying to play fairly and abide by the rules, otherwise it loses sense

This is one part of the second, I would like to askhow you can help with the operation of servers. Experience, work or financially because I like FGand I would like also within my capacity to contribute to the improvement or assistance.

Thank you for your understanding and eagerly wait your response and suggestions.

FG nick 3willi