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  1. Okay?
  • Yes – You may use it
  • No – fix/DME/airport and whatever data are not update
  1. I discovered a bug in FGPlanner



  1. I cannot connect to FGTracker web page
  • Try disable the Web Shield of the anti-virus program (especially Avast)
  1. Which FlightGear Multiplayer Server (FGMS) I should use?
  1. Tons of FGMS connecting to tracker, which should I use?
  • Lowest ping one - to prevent flights being dropped. If you aren’t sure which server has the lowest ping, use the one closest to your location.
  1. I used the tracked FGMS, but I can’t find myself in the TRACKING PILOTS list.
  • Make sure

                                                               i.      you have already registered your callsign and completed the registration by clicking the verification link in the email that sent to you by FGTracker.

                                                             ii.      the name of the aircraft does not contain any spaces (“ ”)

  • Try reconnecting to FGMS.
  • Report here if you encountered a FGMS not tracking flights which listed as “Tracked” in mpserverstatus2.
  • If your flight started for over 3 days, your flight will automatically be removed from TRACKING PILOTS list.
  1. I wish to download the plain data of my flight for further use
  1. I discovered a bug in FGTracker
  • Either PM me in the FG forum or report here. My nick is “hazuki”.
  1. The website is so lame
  • PM me if you are interested in enhancing it.


Register callsign in FGTracker

  1. Why?
  • Registration is only aimed for reducing the growth rate of database size.
  1. How?
  1. What if I don’t make the registration
  • Starting from 2016.11.15 0000UTC, your flights will not be tracked by FGTracker.
  1. Someone registered my callsign!
  1. How to check the callsign registration status?
  • Go to callsign report page, scroll down to the bottom. There is a line called “Registration status”.  Here below is the explanation of status:

                                                               i.      Not registered – The callsign is not yet registered.

                                                             ii.      Registered – The callsign is registered but not yet pass email verification. This callsign will NOT be tracked 72 hours after the registration until email verification is passed.

                                                           iii.      Activated – The callsign is registered and passed email verification.

                                                           iv.      Deactivated – This callsign is deactivated and will not be tracked.

                                                             v.      Protected – This callsign is protected from being registered and will not be tracked. If you are the callsign user, PM hazuki in the FG forum for details.

                                                           vi.      Dispute – A person has filed a dispute on this callsign. This callsign will not be tracked.

  1. I have entered a wrong email address during callsign registration and therefore I cannot receive confirmation email. What should I do?
  • A registered callsign will be released to public again 72hours after callsign registration if it is not activated by email link.  Please try again 72hours later.


Flights in FGTracker

  1. My flight journey is separated into 2 flights!
  • This usually caused by internet interruption between you and FGMS. Try using the FGMS with lowest ping.
  1. Can I merge my flights which being separated?
  • Yes. Go to the end (arrival) of the targeted flight, if case justify there will be a button called “Merge previous flight with this session” for you to merge previous flight.
  1. What do you mean “case justify” in above?
  • Same type of aircraft
  • Previous flight’s end time and current flight’s start time is less than 60 seconds
  • Previous flight’s arrival location and current flight’s departure location is less than 33333 meters
  1. I have a separated flight but the criteria falls out from the criteria mentioned above.
  • Report here or PM me and I will merge them manually.
  1. There is data discrepancy in my tracked flights. May I fix it myself?


FGMS maintainer

  1. I am the maintainer of a new FGMS, and I wish to feed the flight information to FGTracker.
  • Obtain a mpserver subdomain ( and then PM me in the FG forum.
  1. How can I obtain a mpserver subdomain?
  • Ask Google, IRC or in the FG forum.