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  Posted by Hazuki on 05/04/2022 - , 268 reads

I was informed by Google that "low level security" SMTP service will not be available to me on or after 2022.05.30. This will affect the callsign registration as I cannot send you the verification email to your email address. If you do not receive the verification email after callsign registration, please PM me (Hazuki) in the flightgear forum. I will activate your callsign manually.

  Posted by Hazuki on 04/01/2021 - , 833 reads

Download Program (FGTracker-MiniSimconnect) here.

Points to note:

  1. You must first register your callsign.
  2. You shall read "README.txt" in the 7z file for usage instruction
  3. All flights recorded by FGTracker-MiniSimconnect is having zero Effective flight time, i.e. time on FGTracker-MiniSimconnect will be excluded in ranking.
  4. If you faced bugs, report here

  Posted by Hazuki on 12/28/2020 - , 806 reads

As informed by building mamagement, power supply to FGTracker will be suspended on 06.01.2021. As such,  FGTracker service will suspend from 0200-1400UTC. As ususal, flights made during the suspension time will be loaded back to FGTracker by respective FGMS after FGTracker is resumed.

  Posted by Hazuki on 12/13/2020 - , 784 reads

With the unhappy experience in PostgreSQL12 , I will arrange the DB clean up and upgrade sooner on 15.12.2020 from 0000-1200hrs. During the said time, as usual, while the FGTracker service is suspended, your flights will still be recorded by FGMS (MPSERVERXX) and the data during the suspension will tranfer to FGTracker after the tracker is resumed.

Fly safe. Stay safe.


Edit 15.12.2020 0830UTC: While the Database is upgraded to v13, The clean up job runs way longer than expected (I have no idea why Postgresql performs so badly on a simple deletion). While I have no exact resumption time, please expect FGTracker be resumed by 16.12.2020 0400hrs.

  Posted by Hazuki on 02/20/2020 - , 1130 reads

Recently (in December 2019) I have upgraded the FGTracker database from 11 to 12. Unforturnately it appears that there is memory leak in postgres instance:

I have tried to submit a bug report to pgsql-bugs but unforturnately I am not able to produce a replication steps simple enough for a decent bug report, and the bug report is closed.

In this connection, I have to make necessary arrangements to mitigate the memory leak by reducing the frequency on running the batch job. What the batch job does is to update the ranking, to update the start/end airport and to claculate effective flight time.

With immediate effect, the frequency is changed from 300 seconds to 1800 seconds.

  Posted by Hazuki on 09/17/2018 - , 1730 reads

Data Purging Exercise is completed. Since too many callsigns (total of 122309) are removed, it is impossible to list here one by one. You may use the front page search function to find out callsigns that were removed.

  Posted by Hazuki on 09/03/2018 - , 2195 reads

Captioned Excercise is launced and the excise is still progressing. As at 03.09.2018, the following callsign are removed (list will update anytime till excercise is completed):

 ---, ., 7, 1, "10,10.1", 118.15, 123, 1242Vin, 12harrg, 13QTG, 147-alp, 14-bis, 14WEED, 1711, 1712, 1805, 1900Sqn, 1A12, 1.ars, 1d10t, 1FNDWEE, 2, 201, 20_fing, 23, 26, 2604, 2neo, 2test2, 335, 345, 3453, 4102, 4103, 420, 4PE, 50C, 666, 69, 69a89, 713705, 747, 782, 7N2LGA, 90A, 92leed, 977G, 9898, 98TudoA, 9922, 9V-DDD, 9v-nhy, 9V-SDM, a, A380, a71av, A865, A8SOlUT, AA-014, aaa55, aaaa, aaaaaaa, aaaag, aack, Aaediwe, AAL-113, AAL117, AAL-89, aaron, aaronhe, AAYanez, ab0oo, ABC, AB-CDEF, abdulla, abraham, AC, AC-225, AC547, ac6vz, AC734, AC-737, AC-737-, AC747, AC-747, AC-747-, AC-787, AC91, AC-BO10, AC-BRAV, AC-DHB, ace, AC-FC78, AD, AD-530, Adam, Adam221, AdamPL, adeberh, Adim, admin, adminis, Adm_V01, Adonisz, Adrast, Adrian, adriano, Adriano, Adrien, adson, aekd, Aeropho, AeroPLI, Aerotro, AF069, AF6403, AF832, AFFA, AFFA-GU, Aforce, afuller, AG, Ahmad, Ahmad-S, aikduck, aikepom, Air, airbend, Airbend, AirBoss, AirCopt, airforc, Airforc, AirFran, Air_new, airplan, AirPT, Air-Tax, Airwolf, AITORES, aj, A.J., AJAY, AJIDC, AJT, A-JTF, AKAY, akm2b, AKslim, alaaddi, Alain, alanlah, albedo, albeewi, alberto, Alberto, Albus, ale, ALE, alekos, alessan, Alex, alex_01, Alex#1, ALEX-1, alexand, Alexand, Alexc, AlexR, alexrs8, Alf, alfa, ALFA, Alfa0Bo, alfa44, alfa777, alfa_ch, alfacha, Alfonso, Alfred1, aliarsh, alien, Alisg1, Alison, Alka_GR, Alka_Zu, all, Allan, AllaN, alpha, Alpha, alpha1, Alpha_2, -Alpha4, ALPHA-K, als13, ALTI, Alucard, alunt, alunt20, alv, alx, AMaster, AMF1, amind, amm, AM-MV90, AMPERE-, ANA-228, ANA787-, ANA-B78, ANA-Boe, anaes, ANA-Kie, Anant, anapple, AndersG, andre, Andrea, Andrea(, andreas, Andreee, AndreSi, Andrew, andrew2, andrey, Andrzej, andy, Angelo, Angelus, Anibal, animix, anm, anmona, ANOTHAI, another, Anth-C-, Antman, antmonk, antonio, anttt, anybody, anykey, anythin, Anythin, apetral, appelob, Apple10, applema, AR-1801, Arauto, arcange, Archer, arcligh, argon, Argyle, arigo, armitag, Arms, Arrow19, arthur, Arthur_, ArthurB, Asahi, asd, ashneil, Aspirin, ‘}}SS, Astonn, ATC, ATC1, ATC5, ATCTest, ATCTEST, ATC_Tow, ATC-WM, a-team, ATL3000, Atlante, Atmblst, atom, atomekk, atomik, atomox, atomPL, atorasu, Atsuke, August, Augusto, AU-PPER, averhan, avian, AVIANCA, avirji, awolawo, awsome, Axe, Ayman, ayu, ayushku, Az, azaz, b, [b], B1-900D, B22, b29bomb, B³a¿ej, B52, B787-FC, B7_Golc, BA001, BA-093, BA996, Baas, BAAS, baba198, babaloo, BABBO, BAC9216, BACbKA, Badger, BadNand, badoli, badoom, Badwolf, Bailey, bajero, bakunin, BaM8796, bang&bu, [BA]phi, B-ARON, Barron, barty5k, Barvo, BASH32, Bashi, Basti, b.b, B_B, B.B, BBB-4, bbbb, B-Bird, BCAM, BCN-ESC, beaston, bebe, Belgium, ben, Ben, BeN, Ben123, benbrea, Benedik, Benek, benoati, Benoit, BenT, benwils, berbeex, b-ernd, beto, Beto, beto_ce, beto-ce, beto-CE, Beto-ce, BetoCE, Bettwur, bextro, BF-109, BFO1983, B-GBPS, Biasi, Big, bigbass, BigBear, bigbird, bigBric, BigEars, Biggles, bigM, bigman, BigMick, bigone, bigpaul, BigPlan, BigRiv, billy, binabik, binlade, bird, Bird, Birddog, birdman, birdshi, BirdStr, Bisutti, bizagra, bj, Blabnar, black_[, Blackha, blackma, blah, Blahman, blat, Blaze, Blckbrd, Blessed, blingdo, blucher, Bluebir, bluefis, bluemin, bluesky, bmpilot, bmw, bo2015, Boaal, boaz, bob, BobbyBo, BobK, Bobo, bobslob, BobTheA, bochen, Bocian, bode, BodleyT, boforeh, bohemio, bollinn, Bolton, bomber, bondjoe, boo, BOO, booker, boom, Bora-85, borin1, Borin1, Borys, boss, Boss, [Boss]-, bossik, bot, bozy2, BRA, BRA2200, BRA2500, Brandgu, brapper, BR=Arth, BR-Arth, brasil, Brasil, BrasilT, Brave78, Bravo1, Bravo21, bravo23, Bravo5, bravo82, Brazil, Brazil_, BrazilT, Brazuca, brbraw, brbraww, BR_caue, BR_Caue, br_cear, br-ce-s, brendon, BR_expi, BR_Expi, br_heve, BRI-12, brianca, brianva, briguy9, brisa, br_jman, br_loko, br-loko, Brokenf, bronkob, BR_Rafa, BR_rank, BR_TSi, bruce, BrujoSi, Bruno, BR_well, BR_Well, BR_Wesl, BR_yawm, bsomm69, BSS974, BT1FFX, BTC-FFX, buckaro, Buckaro, budda, budda11, Buganin, Bunny, Burak, Buri, Buszmen, buti, butter, Butters, Buzz, BWR1, bymista, BYRDUB, BzLtYr, C, C135, c172, C172, c310dad, C310Z, C-395, C4t0R, Cabuki, Caddo, cadet22, Cadet22, Caenvan, cagdas, Caiohp, C=ALFI, C-ALFI, C-ALFIE, CalHawk, ca;lkjd, callsin, Callsin, callum, callumm, Campelo, CaNaDaI, Canella, cantona, capcan, Capitan, Cap.Jun, cap-rod, Carlo, carlos, Carlos, CarlosB, CarlosC, CARMA, Carpet, Carvalh, Carwood, castor_, cavera, Cavera, CAZK, C-BARV, CBC1t, cc, CCAir, CCAir4, CCAirWx, c-cal, CCCP-51, CC-JOC, CD, CDT-Har, cdv20, ceara, cecile, Cecile, CenCal4, CenTix, Cerutti, cesar, cesarta, Cessnar, cevariu, C-FBJO, CF-YSJ, CGB, C-GCVY, C-GOTN, C-GYYC, Chad, Chadwic, Chaff, Chalado, charisc, charlie, Charter, chdez, CheapSh, check0r, CHEIF, chell, cheng, Chester, chico, Chig00, chilean, chimpy, chipps, Chipste, chodak, Chodak, chomic, Chopper, ChoupiY, CHRAKE, Chrashf, chris, christi, christo, chuck, Chusqui, ciano, cici, C-IDBG, Cierre, Cipher, cirkusp, CJ, ckdk=F!, ckew, clayton, clcalve, Clebao, cleopad, clifffy, CloClo, Cloter, Clowny, Clowy, cmdt_ca, Cmdt_ca, Cmdte.A, Cmdt_Fe, CmdtGOL, CmdtTAM, CmdttTA, cmf-pg, cmk, cmoirv, Cmte_br, Cmte_ca, Cmte_Ce, Cmte_fe, Cmte_Fe, CmteFE, CmteWes, Cmte_Xa, cmwslw, CN-294, CN-295, C-Narz, C-NARZ, CO004, CO016, CO077, CO521, CO_838, COA-19, COA787, cobi, Cobra, coco_ch, CodeCob, codL, cody, coldtek, cole, Coles, Collard, Colombi, comanch, comanda, comma, command, Commie, commiss, comptec, Connor, conorst, Contine, cool, Cooldud, coolio, Coolio, Coolron, CORRADO, corvus, Cory, cos, cosco, cosmico, Cougar0, Cougar1, Coyote, cptf, C-PTNA, cptnjer, Crabhat, crash, crazy, crazybo, crazyBo, Crazybo, crazych, CrazyGa, CRBRA, creazyb, Creazyb, critter, Critter, crosswi, crouze, Crouze, CRPH, C-RPH, Crusade, crx, CRX, C-SYD, CT_MC, CTME, cuav, CUNT, cupcake, Curinga, curious, Cyberch, cyberfl, Cyberpe, CyBeRtE, Cynic, czynski, CzYNSKi, ;D, DA001, D-ABCC, D-ABEE, Daedric, D-AFFE, D-AFFK, D-AFKU, DaHe, D-AIPK, DaKi, Dalek, damos, D-AMPK, D-AMSS, Dan, dandare, D-ANDI, daniel, Daniel, Daniel_, daniele, danielg, danielw, danis, DaniTar, danone, darek9G, Dargano, Darius, dark, Darkfir, darkleo, darko, DarkoRo, darkwol, DarkWol, Darlek, DARONN, Daronn2, Darsu, D-ARSU, Darth, DarthD, D-ASTE, davadud, davek, daver, davewoo, david, david!!, David, D-AVID, davidcr, daviddd, davidmo, DAWID, DAwiDPo, DAWIDPO, Dawka83, DAXINOS, daz02, daz03, db, D-BAER, D-CAVO, DCE-Dal, D-CFKU, DCKAT, D-CORE, D-CROW, dcu, DCulp, DD93, D-DOWN, D-DRVR, dds, _D_D_S_, DdW, Dea, DeA, dean, Dean, Death_o, deavids, deb9603, deci, d-edbm, D-EDDC, D-EDDT, D-EDDY, DE-DPH, D-EDWS, D-EEQA, default, DE-FNMR, D-EGER, D-EGLT, de_HBla, DEHED, DEJAY, delay, delme, delreco, D-ELSE, Delsha, DELTA, delta2, delta_d, DE-MABB, DE-Marx, denisch, D-ENRP, D-ENTE, depp, deps, derJotz, D-ESCH, DESSC, DEXBG, D-EXBG, D-FCUK, D-FFM2, D-FGFS, dfre737, D-GEJL, D-GREEN, D-GT3R, dh219, D-hallo, D-HALLO, D-Harp, D-HARP, D-HASE, DHC-6, DHCE, D-HHS, D-HOKS, D-Hund, D-HUND, Didi, DiDi, D-IFKU, digital, Dima, Dimurik, Dinele(, dino, Dirty_w, Dision, disuri, dizzy, Dizzy, dj0ka, djnaus, djoka, DK, D-KATZ, D-KLHN, D-LEGO, DLH1293, D-LOPH, dlr, DLR, DLR2, D-luKU, D-LUKU, D-MABB, d-matze, D-Michl, D-MIKE, dmitrib, D-MXPO, D-NBMF, D-NDIM, D-NIN12, D-NOR, D-NWJD, D-NXKT, DO-33, Dock, Doctor, dodaske, dodus, doggy_d, doghead, Dolmaya, dom, Dom, domer, dominic, Dominik, don, DonAlfo, Doug, Doug523, doug713, dougfe, dougfe0, douglas, dougni, DoUtOr, D-PAUL, DPH, dr1dan, draco5, Dragon-, DRAGON, dragos, Dragoz, D-RAIR, DrDrug, drejc, D-Requi, drew, drew2, driver, D-RLTV, droopy, Drop, D-RTFM, D-RYAN, D-SHHN, d-six, D-T3R, D-TEST, D-TIMi, D-Trans, D-TRANS, Duchemi, dude, DUDELE, Dudux, Duke, duman34, Dumb, dun, Duque, dusan66, dust, dustin, DustinG, D-VALE, DVD, Dvnczyk, dw, D-WAFI, D-XMIG, Dzejkob, eagle_o, easyjet, ebowhol, ebv, EC-1138, EC135-H, EC-ACE, EC-FCR, echo, EchoMik, EC-KIL, EC-NIT, ecope, EC-REU, EC-YUZ, Ed, EDDF, EDDItwr, Eddy, EDDY, EDMAN, edo, edu12, Eduagui, Eduardo, edude, EDVE-Gr, EE, eeK, eeKeeK, eeK-hvy, efilho-, efs.gv, Egor, EHAM_TW, Eil, Eisenho, Ekel, el76, elad, ElBrujo, elCOjOP, Elcoo, eldrugo, eleinad, element, elg, elgrajo, elias, Elias, elioero, eliomar, elmahdi, ELMAHDI, El_Sham, Elvis, Elvis2, El_Zilc, emacs, Emanuel, emilian, EMRG, Endless, Enigma, Enlil, Enricus, Eole, Eow, Eow^^, Epic, Er0, Eradest, erez, ERIC_DE, erichma, Eridon, erik, erlend, ernesta, erobo, Eropa5, Errka, Eryk03, es, esampso, esca, eschofe, ESSO1, est25, Est25, EUR-001, eva, EYEBALL, eyesack, Eylon, F, F16, F16Eagl, F18HUNT, F22, f4r3j4d, FA130, fabex, fabex20, FABEX20, Fabi471, Fabian, fabianz, Fabianz, Fabio, fabius, fafju, faipou, falcon6, falki, FALKI, Falkino, fanam, FanG, fanta4, FantaCo, F-anto, F-ANTO, fappOne, farn08, fasil, fat-1, FatFran, Fatty, FAXM, F-BOHD, F-BTSD, F-BTSDq, F-BVFB, FC, FCA_147, F-CECE, F-CYAG, F-DAVB, F-DLT7, F-DOUG, fduplex, fee, feegee, FeeTAM, F-Ekel, Feli, feli230, Felip_B, felipe, Felipe, Felipe_, fen, fenghua, Ferro, Ferro_A, F-FGFS, F-FS, fg, FG004, FG013, FG1707, F-GAON, FGFS, FGL-0, FGL-11, FGL-12, FGL-13, FGL-14, FGL-15, FGL-17, FGL-19, FGL-23, FGL-24, FGL-25, FGL-29, FGL-30, FGL-31, FGL-32, FGL-33, FGL-35, FGL-36, FGL-37, FGL-38, FGL-4, FGL-40, FGL-41, FGL-42, FGL-43, FGL-44, FGL-45, FGL-49, FGL-51, FGL-54, FGL-58, FGL-6, FGL-60, FGL-62, FGL-64, FGL-65, FGL-67, FGL-68, FGL-7, FGL-72, FGL-73, FGL-74, FGL-76, FGL-78, FGL-81, FGL-82, FGL-84, FGL-85, FGL-86, FGL-88, FGL-9, FGL-90, FGL-91, FGL-92, FGL-94, FGL-96, FGL-97, FGL-98, FGL-99, FG-M2X, F-GOAA, F-GRPAB, FG-STW, F-GTOUM, FH-183, Fick, fiction, fidel, figdonp, fighter, filler, Fire996, Firebir, FIREBIR, firefly, fireman, Fire-Sp, Firewal, Fischer, Fixerdu, FJAZ, F-JPFB, F-JYLB, Flaf, flaper8, FlashXD, Flausi, FLAUTA, F-LFBT, F-LFOB, F-LFRK, flieger, Flier, Flight2, flighte, FlightS, flippin, flipygu, Flipygu, Flische, F-LNS, F-LOONI, floor, floppym, florenc, florian, FLORIN, flowerp, flugTUX, FlugTUX, FlugX, Flushot, FLY_DMY, FlyD_UA, flyEGCN, FlyEGCN, flyer, Flyer, Flygirl, flyingh, FlyingR, Flyman, Flynet, FlyTy, FlyWitM, FNAKS, F-NICO, fnord, F-OJAC, FokkerC, Follow_, foo, fooba, FordPre, ForUp, fox001, Foxie, fox_tro, FPI, fptomo, francis, Francis, franck, Frank09, frankss, frantic, Fredell, frederi, fredgab, fredi, freee, frefref, FrenchA, Frenchy, freo1, fritz, Fritz, fritz(S, froggy, frosty, FR_WGE, Fry, fs, FTA-133, fth, F-TUX, FuckYou, Fuddl, Fuji, fulix, funatom, fusaro, Fusi, fusion, fuuurti, F-WWOW, F-XIII, F-XIIIb, F-XIXI, fxxy, fxxy[br, fxxyBR, FYAD, g, G0-BON, G1940, G4, G4D1G, g5, gabriel, G-ACT, G-AJM, galippi, gamma, GAM+V06, gand, ganso, gargolo, garyhes, Gaston, G-ATOJ, G-ATOM, Gatto_n, GattoNe, Gaz99, gb_100, GB_100, GB9, gballa5, g-bebm, GB-RM1, geeen, gemini, gen2002, General, geo, Geo, geolite, george, geraldo, Gerdil, gerhard, GermanS, Germany, GetmE, gfd, GFS, gg, G-HENLY, GH-HAV, gianfra, Gianfra, giannib, giant, Giant, Gijs, gildoho, Gilvanz, gino, Gino, giorgio, Giuppo, Giusepp, GJG, G-JLCJ, G-JONS, Glarg, GLD1040, GLD1250, GLD_130, GLD3200, Glewy, Glitter, GLO002, G-MANU, G-MCAB, G-MWLX, g-neal, G-NEAL, gnr1, goat, Goethe, gogo, gohome, gokee2, gokhanv, GOL, GoLBR, goldenj, gonzo, Gonzo, goofy:D, GooGoo, goose, Goose, gorak, Gordon, G-ORILA, G-ORILL, gorilla, gp20, G-PDM, gps32, graffit, grant, Grassho, gravedi, grawl0, Gray, gray27, gregari, Gregor, gregory, GrosTas, Ground1, Grrrrrr, GR_Stel, Grumman, Grzes, GSC, Gtturbo, GUDE, GugaoBR, gui2519, guido, gujo, Gulczak, Gulf-fo, gummibe, gurka, gustavi, guy, G_VMM, G-VMM, G-VMM2, G-WFDA, G-WFDB, G-WKFD, G-YMMM, G-YMMO, h, H23, H4NDL3, haase16, HAC_245, HaFFeR, haksior, hamheed, Han, Hank, HankiPa, hankuro, Hanna, hannaoj, Hannove, Hans, Hans_2, HA-PSI, haraldg, haraldp, hardbal, Harnak, harnoul, Harper, Harriso, Harr-Nu, HaRRo, haui21, haukka, havokbl, hawk, Hawk, Hawk7, hayduke, HB-0BRN, HBlackb, HBlckbr, HBoom, hb-slk, HB-Sult, HB-USI, HB-VEC, HBVOL, HB-VOL, heberri, hector, Hector, Hehe..., Heimlik, heinblo, Heinz, 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  Posted by Hazuki on 05/02/2018 - , 2366 reads

It has been over 1.5 years since callsign reigstration was required for flight tracking, and I do think it is about time to purge data which the owners don't care in order to save resources (Disk space, bandwidth and computing power etc.). In this regard, a data purging program is launched as follows:

1.  All data which the callsign has no registration record will be purged on or after 2018.09.01. Obviously only records created before 2016.11.15 will be affected.

2. Data owner who wish to retain their data, either they are required to download their data through API before 2018.09.01, or register their callsign before 2018.09.01.

3. If any player recognize former notable player(s) and wish to retain their flight data, please feel free to contact me via PM on FlightGear Forum.  Sufficient evidence (excluding total flight time in FGTracker) must be provided to prove that the player was famous.  Discretion on such data purging exclusion lies with me, the FGTracker owner.

  Posted by Hazuki on 12/15/2016 - , 1547 reads

FGTracker web is moved from to and it's now under protection of CloudFlare.  Access time my not become faster (especially for clients from Asian countires) but definitely the security is enhanced by SSL protection (unless Cloudflare is being hacked...)

  Posted by Hazuki on 10/01/2016 - , 4219 reads

Depending on the registration progress Starting from 2016.11.15 0000UTC, FGTracker will later ONLY track flight sessions that are connected to the tracked MPSERVER with callsigns that are registered in FGTracker.

Callsign registration does not prevent your callsign being used or abused. Registration only aimed for reducing the growth rate of database size.

Register your callsign now! But please think twice before you register your callsign. Change of callsign will not be entertained.

Edit on 2016.10.11 0153UTC - Confirms the effective date and time.